Sunday, January 21, 2007

Happy 1st Blogiversary to me!

A year of knitting (mostly) socks & blogging about it

A year ago today I started this blog. For the most part it was intended as a Mom Blog. A way to keep in touch with my youngest daughter while she was away in New York. It was her 2nd semester as an Exchange Student at Hunter College and I wasn't taking my half-empty nest quite as bravely as I thought I would.
There was sobbing.

I wasn't taking these politically trying times very well, either.
There was screaming and swearing.

Actually, it feels like I've been angry for a very long time. Since the Supreme Court decided America did not need to recount votes and picked a president. Because it would take too long if they counted EVERY vote over again? Seriously? Before that I would have called myself a moderate. I've even voted for republicans! Mostly because they were women. That's NOT happening again. Ever. And this country's voting system is a joke. The real crime is it's still not fixed and papertrail/recountable ballots are not the law of the land in all 50 states. WTF?

Knitting as therapy has improved my sense of well-being. Really! ;)
Okay fine: I've been caught daydreaming recently. It involves a presidential bicycle built for two, onto which we talk dick & george into starting their next listening tour. From the top of Mt. Washington. Or some other place really twisty and steep. Slippery works, too. If secret service could just give them a little shove over the side to get them started?
Shut up. It's my daydream. Perhaps I need to knit faster?

t also happened that I was in the process of knitting my first pairs of socks one year ago. Six socks were in different stages of doneness as I learned each new segment of Mom's Basic Sock recipe. My first sock lesson was December 23 if this blog post is to be believed. Knitting had not yet taken over most all spare time. The name I came up with for this blog might have been a clue of things to come, had I given it a moments thought!

The year has seen my knitting skills stretch a little and improve. More difficult stitches have been attempted. Yarn Overs to make holes on purpose and now cables! I must try more cables.

My death grip on needles has eased up a bit. DPN's actually fall to the floor from time to time. Early on I teased mom as she made a grab to save one of my needles, the only it would ever fall was if she kept pulling on it.

My knitting library has grown to 6 books. I've only put 3 of them to use so far so my goal for the new year is to try something from each of the others. Before buying anything new.
I'll be knitting from my stash in 2007 x 2. (Personalized rules includes yarn & books.)
But sock yarn doesn't count? Cool!

Hey. I didn't make up the rules!


Laura said...

Happy Anniversary! I love reading about why people started blogging and/or knitting. My blog-iversary is coming up next month--three years I think.

Sheepish Annie said...

Happy Blogiversary!!! I'm so glad I found you during one of my blog surfing escapades. Knit on!!!

ikkinlala said...

Happy blogiversary!

Roggey said...

Happy anniversary, dear! I wave my cashmere headband WIP in your general direction!

stephani nola said...

happy blogiversary.. my how things have changed. your favorite person in the universe, the good daughter, is back in action.. (though, usually in a bubble, over here, away from you and your weirdo husband.)

aija said...

Happy blogoversary! :)