Thursday, April 03, 2008

Sock Madness Still

Pattern 2 complete.


For 2 and a half days I've purled as many stitches as I knit. The pattern is called Reversai by Le Cras Designs, specially invented to challenge this years Sock Madness participants.

The words "I QUIT" actually flew from my mouth after a couple of hours attempting my 2nd ever short row heel. I swore I would never do a short row heel again.

FREE WILL, that is.

(leaving some wiggle room if one were forced upon us by evil Sock Madness designers!)

I thought I must be the slowest Purler in the history of Sock Madness but this pattern seems to be taking its toll on everyone. Not just my imagination: This one was hard!

(Picture was after lunch on April 2nd; finished socks after midnight so technically it was April 3. Finished photo shot was picture of socks shoved onto sleeping kid on a couch. She never woke up. Fully. Didn't come out all that well. And the puppy holding the last of my Claudia Handpaint is cuter!)

I can't imagine what's in store for us for Round 3.

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