Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sock Madness Round 3 Complete

Finished in time... Moving on to Round 4!

So I've equaled last years effort at Sock Madness if I finish this pair even if I miss out on going on. Only 6 of 12 in each group go on, but at least it's a Monday MORNING pattern delivery. Last pattern came after 8 pm and I was just too tired to work on it before taking a nap.

Round 3 pattern: Slippin' Stripin Socks, designed by Tina Lorin.

Yarn was a combination 2 strands of lace weight held together.
I used Brown Sheep Co. Alpine Violet Nature Spun wool (slightly thicker than the second strand) and Done Roving Farm Periwinkle Angora/lamb.

I would knit myself some 100 % angora socks if I could be carried around and not let them touch the floor! So soft. I would knit the leg portion again so long as I didn't have to cut a strand off every 10 rows again. Too many stripes.

And too many ends to weave in!

Took the picture of 4 balls of yarn and the 2 sock progress report in the cake pan I was using to keep the balls from rolling all over the place.
Creative photo submission caption:

Place Sock Madness ingredients in cake pan and knit until done!

(So I made Steph stand in the cake pan for the final shot when they were done :)

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