Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sock Madness 2 - round 4


But not in time...out for round 5.
(thank goodness!)

Round 4 Sock Madness designer is from Maine! I teased her by renaming her Something's Shady to The Kitchen Sink Socks because every technique she could think up was thrown in there. I used up a new skein of Opal - no color name - just the the number 1430. Must mean Big ass random ugly stripes in German.

NOT a fan of after thought heels. Are you kidding me? Pick up 64 stitches off waste yarn at 4 in the morning? Took me an hour just to get stitches picked up and turned around facing the right way. At least 3 got away and had to be rescued with a crochet hook. Feels too much like leaving the hard part until last and I would rather get the hard part out of the way first!!

I looked at the Sock Madness website when I got up at 2am - there was only 2 spots filled. So I knit on. I didn't look at Flicker entries or I would have known the last spot was being filled just as I was getting back at it. I still had a repeat of the foot pattern, 2 toe pattern sections & 2 heels left to do. I knew it was pretty hopeless that I would go on.

I was good with that this year. Last years Sock Madness sent me into a funk and I put knitting them away for a while. I had made just 4 pair in the year since.

The time was right. So in between each round, starting a few days before Sock Madness was to begin, I started knitting socks again.
I finished my 8th pair since March 10th. I have my next pattern all picked out and ready to cast on another pair.

Remaining Sock Madness designs will have to fabulous if I'm to be coaxed into another crazy knit along. Next pattern comes out Sunday.

We'll see if I can resist!

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