Saturday, April 05, 2008

Just Because I'm MAD

Madness lives here.

So I'm joining in conversation on Ravelry's Sock Madness forum and mention my over cautious weaving of yarn after the Kitchner close of Reversai (Sock Madness pattern 2) is the only give away to which side is which of my reversible socks.

And someone comments "There's no Kitchnering in this pattern - it's a round toe."

GULP. It would seem that if you read pattern directions in the middle of the night and then you look at the picture and see it has a garter problem. All of the carefully written directions (that must be followed) blur into whatever you want it to say.

When it's the middle of the night....
You've been in a cave knitting for 2 days.
You just want them to be done...both of them.

So after the discovery....
Defeated dejectedness.
Confession to host of the discovery of failure to follow directions.


I cut the toes open, unravelled and reknit them.
Using the actual directions.
All afternoon. And a good portion of the evening.

(SciFi was doing a Battlestar Galactica marathon. It took about 4 episodes of Season 3 to knit both toes. Again.)

AND if you turn a reversible sock inside out to cut the toe open. (And forget)
Don't ask why the yarn is going the wrong way after you pick up 72 itty bitty stitches and put them back on the needles.

Or just MAD....

Is there an Ethical Award, maybe...

Steph muttered something about suicide watch as I trotted off to my room with a pair of scissors. Judges said it was an honest mistake and knitting 3 repeats of the chart was more work than needed in the first place. So no short cuts had been taken.

I had already cut open the toes and offered to be eliminated if I couldn't finish before the 20th person.
There's 17 finished in my group now.
I'm in for round 3. Again.


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