Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's almost gone

Holy Hot Tamale!

Or what was I thinking?

I spent most of 2006 learning how to make socks. So of course when a local yarn shop was going out of business that summer and had sock yarn for 40-50% off I bought some.

The colors were limited but I may have gotten a bit carried away with the Bernat's Hot Tamale.


It is 2008. I've just finished a second pair of Mad to Dance! from Sock Madness 1
patterns, cast on a few days before SM2 started as practice.
I finished them March 24th.
(Both SM1 & SM2 practice pair done in Hot Tamale)

Sock Madness 1; Round 3 - Painted Madness.
Yup, Hot Tamale.

I cast on Tidal Wave this morning. I thought they were a little like Pomatomus, only easier. Now that I've looked closer, maybe not so much.
...but again with the Hot Tamale. I'll cast on the 2nd Tidal Wave and divide the remaining left overs up. (Hope there's enough for Sara Size 5 :)

This seems to be the last of it. I went through my blog pictures, trying to figure out how many pair have been knit in this (will it ever be gone?) color.
There were a pair of Pomatomus, Little Lacy Lady Socks and at least 3 pair of the Old Shale 2-Yarn Socks cuffs & heels done in same color.

Yeah, I'm ready for it to be gone!

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