Saturday, May 09, 2009

Sunset Grazing

Fabric Postcard experiment
(Sunset fabric postcard - Version 2.0)

Felt like "something was missing" or perhaps it was just too simple - or maybe I'm just too used to adding quilting or seed beads to blank spaces.

So a recent Blog visit to the designer of the tatted giraffe happened to have this picture of her giraffe, I was reminded of a long ago plan to make a bookmark with mine.

I made a new giraffe - several trial & error rejects as I relearned needle tatting. I had 10 backgrounds painted and ready to embroider the leaves for a swap so I experimented with the giraffe on one of them. Suits my NEEDS MORE syndrome.

Also experimented using Flickr account to upload pictures here.
Let's see how that works now that I've edited a plain text message...
I think I might like the change! Have to edit after 1st round of publishing blog post but easy. Once I figured it out.


Judy S. said...

Very cute, Laurie. I've only gotten as far as purchasing the needle tatting book, but learning how is on my list which is awfully long!

Janet Hartje said...

I did learn how to needle tat once long ago. Maybe I'll have to find those instructions again and see if I can remember. This card is adorable! I love the dark leaves against the moon and the reddish background.

SaraLyn said...

I like it, the giraffe definitely makes it work! Too cute =) ... can I have one please?

Umm. p.s. Happy day after Mommy's Day!

Deepa said...

Love this...simple,but beautiful!!!

aija said...

Beautiful card! (Love the earlier post ones, too.)