Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The madness continues

On to ROUND 6?
Or not...

I finished my 5th pair of socks since March 19th. Sock Madness is down to the final 16.

Sweet 16!
And I'm still in it?

Next pattern comes out Wednesday night between 8 pm & midnight. I'm NOT a night person so I doubt I'll be knitting before my first cup of coffee on Thursday.

Thursday is also my birthday.

I'll be 50. Holy Crap!!
(Several other words come to mind but I'll refrain.)
As of now... I'm not planning on spending it sitting inside knitting all day.

More puzzle pieces have been finished.
My current obsession is perfecting my bullion stitches.
I'm more in the mood to embroider than knit.

And I'm old enough to do what I want!


Judy S. said...

Round 6? You go girl! And a very happy birthday...as my DH says when we have yet another scary numbered celebration, "It beats the alternative!" Love the new puzzle pieces....I think using a bullion needle, in case you aren't, is the trick; it's possible on a regular needle but way easier on the other kind.

Micki said...

Lovely socks and puzzle pieces!

Mrs John said...

Happy Birthday !!!!
Smiling to see tatting on your postcards/puzzle pieces!!!
After all, it was you that got me started in that obsession!!!
Glad to hear you have summer! I think we have summer here to... wonder what happened to spring????