Sunday, March 15, 2009

Still Puzzled

How I spent Friday

I made another puzzle piece :)

Here is the blog with some other examples.

I needle tatted the basket with a smaller weight thread last year, so it wasn't big enough for a postcard. It got dropped into the sewing box for someday.

I dug it out and put it to use. It's been so long since I did one of these that I'll have to relearn how to make them before I try another for swapping.
Basket Pattern (Designer: It's me!)

I need to make a "view finder" shaped puzzle template so I can center things better. It's hard to judge where the middle will actually end up with my current method: Just guess...more or less.

I added some petals, leaves and beads at the base to offset the basket handle being too close to the top and too much empty space below. Sara took a look at it and said it looked like petals had started dropping off.
So I guess my disguise worked :)

On Saturday I basted newly purchased 30 count Hardanger fabric and set to work on a new block. I'm winging it as usual, with thoughts of making it into a Stitch Exploration fabric book page.

This is about 4 hours of work.
Free chart I started with. Looking forward to cutwork & needleweaving sections. Where I go next is still up in the air.
It's going to take a while to make a "book" at this rate.


Judy S. said...

Great basket! I'd say that pattern is a keeper.

MargB said...

I love your tatted basket - it has made a nice addition to your puzzle pieces.

Gina said...

Now see, I wondered about this too...if you put a tatted piece on there, it's more or less centered but it leaves a lot of blank space that I feel needs to be balanced out, which you did very nicely with the embroidery.

Are you making all your pieces in the same medium or mixing them up or are you just experimenting for now???