Friday, March 27, 2009

Picking up where I left off

Hardanger progress

Continuing with my "design as I go" practice piece, I needed to work myself away from the center. Somehow.

I thought centering the next section above the on-point square - keeping the 3rd stitches in line and 4 threads above - would allow for the corners to meet back up at the edge. They're off by at least 2 threads.

I'm telling myself it was mathematically impossible and not my counting. Since all 4 corners did it.
Design flaw?

I managed to give myself way more eyelets to do before I could cut & needle weave again. Since the book says eyelets must be done first or the cut threads will be ripped from their moorings, eyelets it is. MERCY!

I'm just itching to start something with some color but so far I've stuck to this so that it gets done. And then I can move on to one of my new books.
Or maybe I'll try this needlecase in DMC Perle Cotton 5 4190 Ocean Coral.

Yes. An impulse buy while birthday shopping for Steph.
Along with this Clover turntable hoop discounted from $36 to $8 at Joanne's. It's even marked down to $15 here - so it was either overpriced in the first place or just plain sucks.

For $8 I'm going to find out for myself.
As soon as I finish the rest of these eyelets so I can get to the fun part of this hardanger project. (And before round 2 of Sock Madness!)


Judy S. said...

Hi Laurie, You are really doing well with the hardanger. Man, I'm starting to feel guilty about my unfinished piece that's stashed somewhere in this house! That's a lovely needlecase, and a free pattern no less. Thanks for sharing the link.

Micki said...

It is gorgeous! I never did that technique before. It is lovely!

Kath said...

Hello Laurie, we had a PC swap and I was honoured with one of your gorgeous dream catcher designs. I decided to stop by for a visit and discovered you provided a tutorial! Hubby is playing golf on Sunday, guess what kathy will be doing!! Kath in England

hopieknits said...

Unfortunately I haven't even started on Round 2 of Sock Madness, so I think I'm pretty much out of it. I like the pattern and since I haven't done any stranded work it should be a challenge. I love your socks. Good luck in the next round.