Thursday, March 05, 2009

Does this look SQUARE to you?

Because I (still) can't count.

Here's the progress made on my 1st effort using a combination of Drawn Thread, Needle Weaving and Surface Embroidery.
I think I'm calling it finished.

Kind of small so it may have too much going on?

Cutting was not so scary as I remember it from the Hardanger project.
Fun even! Although I am going to need some sharper scissors.

But what seemed a huge expanse of open cut threads before attempting to follow Mary Corbet's tutorial for Hem Stitching, turned out to be a scrawny little patch for Surface Embroidery! Will need to go bigger and braver with next attempt.

And learn to count.
I would have sworn this would be square - until I realized it wasn't!!
There were 20 pairs of "threads" one way and only 15 the other.

So I wrapped the drawn threads with randomly symmetrical Needle Weaving. Or at least what I suppose is Needle Weaving.
I wish I had gone a shade lighter in color.

Next time...
(when I go bigger & braver ;)


Judy S. said...

Looks nice to me, Laurie. Isn't it interesting how you pick up things "on camera" that you wouldn't normally see? I am always amazed at what the photo picks up.

Micki said...

It's really nice what you did.You are a woman of great patience!

Dragon's Dolphin said...

Square? You mean it was supposed to be square? If so, don't tell anyone! No one would know that it isn't exactly as you designed it. Besides, some of us that can't count, don't see things that are that minutely off as being off. Looks square to me! Not to mention, it looks GREAT!