Friday, March 13, 2009


Did I mention I bought a light?

And it came with a magnifying glass?
PRICELESS. Seriously recommend it!!

I've been experimenting with more puzzle pieces. It suddenly occurred to me my pieces could be like little band samplers of every technique I've ever tried with fabric postcards or fabric ATCs. I don't have to reinvent the wheel for ideas! I've already had a couple of good ones and it's okay if use them again. A needle tatted basket of flowers soon :)

I tried the Hardanger doodle puzzle piece on top first. No basting. Just outlined the puzzle shape roughly a quarter inch away and started in one corner and away I went. It's a little random - but I was practicing!
There's a tan fabric layered behind to highlight the cut work and I added some beads as quilting when I was done because it seemed like it needed something more.

Mostly I wanted to see if this type of fabric could be buttonhole stitched without fraying all over the place. I used fusible web, plus stitched the outline very close before cutting the puzzle shape. (I should not have used a pencil as I can see some marks that I thought would never show. Oops!)

I also tried experimenting with the tabs on the bottom one. To see if I could make it fit, I custom cut the top tab down to size.

I was afraid the stitch work on the bottom piece was too close to the edge, but when I locked them in place the open space from the top piece made it less noticeable I think. It's a 2nd try.
(This time it's square... for what it's worth :)

I mistakenly used 3 strands of floss and didn't realize it until I went to separate the other 4 in half. There were only 3? Damn! I ran out with an inch of edge work left. I hope I have some more. Somewhere. It was late so I haven't gone looking yet.
Wish "organized" was trait I could say I've passed on to the girls.

While I still need lots of practice and need to study the stitch how-to's more closely, Hardanger stitches are coming so much more intuitively. I blogged about it at the time, so I'm surprised it was so long ago that I first tried.
2006. Really?

I shouldn't have held out so long without a light!
Instead of flinging it away in frustration because I can't see, I want to try more.


Needled Mom said...

Those really turned out well. I love the delicate look of them. Perhaps a little Fray Check around the edges would make it easier for the blanket stitch. Someone else recommended that for fabrics that fray easily.

MargB said...

Ooh! I don't visit for a few days and this happens! Wonderful idea!

Judy S. said...

Nice work, Laurie! Did you use any kind of stabilizer to give the piece a bit of stiffening? I've not started my pieces yet; time to get cracking!

Micki said...

You did a lovely job on the puzzle pieces. I love your stitching!

Gina said...

I LOVE this one. I've been wondering if I could put Romanian Point Lace on the puzzle piece. will be April before I can try out my ideas. In the meantime, I'll just drool and hope I end up with one of these pretty pieces!

Anonymous said...

What a really neat idea.