Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Political Diversion: EcoSewing

Recycling (more) jeans into bags

I've been hiding out (away from cable news political coverage until we see who wins...WAY TO GO WISCONSIN!) back in the sewing room, deconstructing more jeans into totes & messenger style bags.

I made another collapsible bucket to store the second denim Circle Jeans Quilt. For ease of carrying it to the perfect picnic spot! I made it taller and the rolled up quilt fits just about right.

Also made several messenger style bags, including one big enough for my laptop. I put 2 pockets on the front flap, tops sewn together facing each other, to try making a pocket big enough for the charger/cord. It didn't fit very well though.

I worked on more kindergarten Letter People during the day on Tuesday and unfortunately turned on the TV in time to watch way too much of the Clinton attack machine going after both Obamas'. I grow weary of the Clinton "power at any cost" tactics, but am not surprised by it.

I actually watched Michelle's speech live on C-Span and it was clearly being taken out of context, even given the fact that her "adult life" is not such a long span of time. I personally have not found much to be proud of for the last 8 - 12 years of Bush/Clinton regimes. Clinton Impeachment. Bush's War against the wrong enemy. Government sanctioned Torture. Our Constitution shoved through a shredder. Hardly our shining moments.

But clearly I came out of the sewing room way too soon. I'm going to need some more jeans to hack up and take out my frustrations on. Or perhaps a stash busting scrap quilt to keep me busy for the next round of rooting for Obama. I found this Project Linus pattern that seems perfect: HOPES & DREAMS.

Yes, I will!

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libhom said...

Ecosewing is an idea I hadn't heard of before. It's very interesting.