Friday, February 01, 2008


Sock Box

The Sock Box is the tote where finished knit socks go to wait for someone to need them. Either for personal use or as a gift giving purpose.
Sara tends to shop from the Sock Box. (Frugal shopper!)
Stephani is all about her own feet looking good. (Personal comfort & joy, baby!)

The Sock Box was getting a little low with only 5 pair left from last season's knitting binge. I've finished 3 more pair since the last time I blogged. Well not counting the other entry this morning on quilt progress. That would have been some fast knitting!

This is more stash knitting from yarn on hand and the variegated is supposed to be Simply Soft. But they're not. Soft. It was however $1 a skein from Goodwill so when the bottoms wear a hole through (and they will) disposing of them with the "Darn it!" method won't be too painful. (Socks with holes should be dropped straight into the trash can as you yell "Darn it!", per Yarn Harlot advice that I take very seriously.)

The (not) 6" Blocks are for our local newspaper's By Hand charity drive for the Humane Society. She wants 6" knit or crochet squares to be sewn together with all the other 6" squares she gets, for pet blankets at the shelter.

I swear my blocks started out 6 inches but a Seed Stitch border screwed that up pretty good. My plan was to make six so she would have enough same sized blocks to work with for one blanket. Too bad they're all coming out a little different at about 7"... and not very square!

She's getting them anyway. Then they'll be her problem!

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