Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Denim Circle Quilt

My 5 day impulse project is complete!

In under a week, 7 pair of worn out or too tight blue jeans became a "quilt".

It could be a table quilt or an "It's okay to put on the ground for a picnic" quilt.
Not really a comfort blanket ...because it weighs a ton.

I didn't have a clear plan when I started this project so had to stop back at the store next time by to get another yard of the window fabric. Funny how cutting cloth into 4" squares and sewing it back together again takes more yardage than you would think to make a quilt?

Probably spent too much supplementing fabric for a recycle project since I bought it full price at a real quilt shop. Then again I probably saved a few dollars in gas by not driving across town to use a coupon at a chain store. Plus a childhood Best Friend owns the new shop so stopping in for my first visit was part of the impulse of this project. The fabric I chose was an impulse as well and perhaps not quite what I was thinking when I went in. I'm very pleased with how it turned out.


Sheepish Annie said...

That is lovely!!! Maybe this summer, I'll try the quilting again as a vacation project. Or maybe I'll just show this to my mom and let her do it...

Stephani Nola said...


Sharon said...

I love it.

Mrs. John said...

Oh, Laurie, this is beautiful... and in five days.... neat!
**A quick note to say your tatted basket pattern has appeared on the 25 motif challenge!** And I can say I have an original hanging in my kitchen! :) XXOO