Sunday, March 25, 2007

Something to say. Maybe not.

I stayed too long.

It happens often enough online, not to be all that surprising.
You click a link and it takes you some place unexpected. Bad.
A place you don't want to be.
You can back away without too much fuss. Say nothing.
It'll be gone.

Sometimes you click a link and you're not sure where you are.
You stay too long trying to figure it out.
Their point of view.
The meaning.

I stayed too long.

So I'm not sure why I feel troubled, disillusioned even, because of how I got there. Does the person who took the time to post the link really agree with these people? Maybe I didn't stay long enough to understand where they were coming from. I don't think I'll go back to see.
Not sure why I can't shake off the ugly 24 hours later.

These were the notes I scribbled to paper yesterday, after I had backed away.
In case I felt like seeing it in more permanent font.
After I had showered.

Too many political conversations these days begin with:
"They always ________ "
"We never _________ "
(Insert over hyped talking point of choice.)

Will America ever find her "center" again? We need leaders truly dedicated to "Uniter, not divider" philosophy of a long ago election lie.
Broken promises. I never believed were more than a campaign slogan.
But hoped it might be true in the end.

Is there hope liberal Conservatives and conservative Liberals will ever realize there is a middle ground for compromise? Somewhere in between, where they're not so different. That the good things they want for themselves and their neighbors are acceptable compromises.

Compromise needs to come from both sides, so that the scales are still balanced.
Not standing in the middle, so much as level. Equal from both sides.
I feel sad to be American. I don't like this feeling.
Perhaps her People will fix things, when Leaders will not.
Someday soon, please.

1 comment:

bluegrrrrl said...

this is such a powerful post, Laurie!

"I stayed too long"...I have been to some of those sites...

"Not sure why I can't shake off the ugly 24 hours later" nicely stated.

I don't really see myself as standing in the middle of anything...I'm pretty set in my opinions and values (hey, I'm turning 50 in a couple of months...I'm supposed to be stubborn, right?) But the idea of compromise and unification have been long lost in this country for a while now. I have a feeling the next presidential election will hinge on those ideals. I hope, anyway.