Saturday, March 24, 2007

I'm MAD, I tell ya!

Sock Madness - Round 2 complete

In the space of 27 hours I've finished my Mad-tinis.

Sock pattern arrived in my mailbox Thursday around 5 pm. Right in the middle of cooking supper so it was closer to 6 before I actually cast on. I knit until 10 pm but I'm a morning person and couldn't see what I was doing through all the yawning tears, so went to bed.

Rib was different! It reminded me of linen stitch a little. But more like a crochet afghan stitch I learned as a teenager. Couldn't remember what it's called so googled "crochet long hook" and came up with TUNISIAN crochet. I don't remember how to do it but I still have the hook.

Socks feel stiff; pattern called for sport weight and size 2 needles. Would have been way too big up a needle size, so maybe a thinner yarn next time. I may try the pattern again in solid or flecked colors so all those PSSO's swirling around in the really cool spiraling design show up better. My two-fisted method for passing a stitch over 2 others is slow at best. And soon discovered picking up lost stitches in this pattern would be a bitch, so went even more slowly.

It looks like at least 8 people finished ahead of me - a couple WAY ahead! Not sure what the next round will bring but once again I had to go to town for 3 hours of errands. PTQG newsletter absolutely needed to be at post office so it could get to the Printers and there was no food in the house since I didn't get groceries last week during the ice storm. Cutting into some serious morning knitting time. Next pattern will probably need my undivided attention if I'm to survive.


Sheepish Annie said...

That was still an impressive finish even if others were ahead of you. I've been working on the same pair since January, for crying out loud!

Clare said...

Hi Laurie,

I am your partner for the 3rd round. Clarebenbah. I think you will go through to round 4. But I will give you a run for your needles."Grin"

Looking forward to the pattern.

claflamme said...

Laurie, glad to see there's a Mainah still representing in Sock Madness. =) It appears we have quite a few things in common: home state, knitting (including crazy sock battles), quilting (I just got back from MQX) and hockey! I assume you were talking about the Pirates in a previous post? I haven't seen any games in Portland this year, but have managed to sneak in a few Maineiacs battles. I'm rooting for you in the next round of Sock Madness. Knock their socks off! Corey in Maine