Saturday, April 29, 2006

Knitting at the DMV

So I've heard the horror stories about waiting your turn at Maine's Department of Motor Vehicle offices these days. They've improved things so of course that means LONGER WAITS. Hours in line even, as reported by local news.

I received a renewal letter ages ago - 2 months early? Decided on Wednesday to get it over with, even though my birthday is still a month away. (I am not 47 yet and it's just mean to send me a paper saying I am so.) I would take my never ending second Bernat Sox yarn sock on size 2 needles and wait. More importantly: KNIT. At the DMV. (60 stitches cast on for nearly 100 rows each makes these 2 socks nearly as much work as my gigantic pre-felted bag?)

I took a number 29 ticket out of the machine, sat down and knit exactly 2 needles worth of stitches before my number was called. Could probably have done another half needle but figured they might not take it well if I shouted, "Just as soon as I finish this row."?

Probably better I didn't go there.

I finished the sock on Friday, sitting in folding chair on the driveway; in between watching Kyle play in sand and nudging slimy tennis ball to insufferable dawg - with toy shovel so I wouldn't get my yarn icky. I'm wearing them this morning! They look a little too National Guard/ military green. Considering the label calls them Army Hot, I'm not sure why I was surprised they turned out a little too camouflage green.

And my first 2-color felted bag got on a bus to New York with Stephani's luggage. I'm halfway done with another one! Family will likely be getting handknit items for any future gift-giving needs.


Emma said...

Love how the felted bag came out. It's so cute.

Mrs John said...

Hi Laurie,
Just decided to check in this morning.. and see how the 'knitting' has been in Maine! :)
By the way, I loved the following quote in one of your entries:
"Harlot approved method for darning socks: Hold above trash can and exclaim "Darn it!" as you deposit sock with holes into bin. I would suggest pairs go in together for this treatment, except my mismatched sock bag, overflowing in oneness, proves I have issues with letting lonely socks go."
Hee, Hee!
Have a nice week!