Thursday, May 11, 2006

Plus I'm deluded.

I admit it.

I'm grinning ear to ear because the Yarn Harlot sent me an email, in reply to a comment I posted on her blog entry:
Curse of the optimist.

"The baby sweater is at such a fine gauge, that the adult sweater actually has way fewer stitches in the whole thing than the baby sweater.

Plus I'm deluded."

It's clearly a case of Procrastiknitting - casting aside a current project for something new. Her word: FAST SUCCESS. I understand completely, even being new to knitting. Plus the Teeny Needles Takes Lots MORE Stitches concept has just started to sink in as well. Size 2 is about small as I ever want to go (with socks at least) anytime soon.

And my newly enhanced yarn STASH has taken on dimensions that frankly have me CONCERNED. A local yarn shop with a sign in the window that reads "BRING IT ON! Every item 50% OFF" caught my attention on Monday. Unfortunately the sign next to it said CLOSED Sunday & Monday. Seriously. 20 minutes each way and gas at $2.89. Made me (almost) glad the patio table I bought on Monday had one leg that was an inch shorter than the other 3, all the screw holes lined up in the wrong place and it's curve bent at the wrong angle. Making a return trip excusable? No. Reasonable.

Some assembly required:
I noticed right away that one leg seemed a "little off". This should have been a heads up, so why the freaking table still tilted 3 hours later should not have been a mystery. Back we trooped to the store for a one chance only replacement. Went together in about 10 minutes.

And $50 worth of sock & felted bag yarn has been mixed in with all the rest of my stash before anyone might notice she's buying more yarn when she's already got more than she can knit in 6 months. The real CONCERN is that the sale goes on through all this week.

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stephani nola said...

if you need to get rid of the yarn before dad sees it, you can totally make me that skirt. in fact, if you want to use even MORE yarn, i'll keep eating boston creme donuts. i like this.