Monday, May 29, 2006

We've sailed away to South America

Dear Steph,
Sunday dinner at Gram's has been followed up with a trip to Port Glenburn Elementary Playground. 5 year old Kyle, Sara and your mom have climbed aboard the S.S. Sara Abraham Lincoln and sailed away to South America. Gram was last seen sitting on the port bench waving us off, knitting the cuff of a sock in pretty, pretty Candy Print raspberry pinks.

According to Captain Kyle it's 3,867 miles away and there's no danger of us getting lost as he has set the controls of our ship by spinning the math wheels (NO, you can't touch them!) at the top of the tall curvey slide. (This slide has some sort of static electricity thing going on with it, as every time mom slid down it, her denim jeans created enough static that everyone touched got a shock strong enough to light up New York City. She thought this amusing until she shocked herself nearly senseless).

Captain Kyle could not convince Aunt Laudie NOT to go down the slide many, many times into the shark infested waters that surrounded our playground Ship. At the time, he refused to let Sara walk the suspension bridge plank although he has since changed his mind, as she kicked his BIG blue brand new ball against Gram's roof (the sharp metal roof?) and it fell to earth in a flattened puff of plastic/rubber.

I'M TELLING DAD!! (golfing at the time, although he forked over money for Cotton Candy ice cream at BJ's before he left.)

We had a proper burial for the dead ball in the back yard. A two sided marker was made to reflect our sadness. Kyle's side read RIP and he drew the smiley face as he had first drawn it on the actual ball. Mom included a note at the bottom: Sara is really sorry...ROOF SUCKS!
Sara's side of the marker stated: POOP HAPPENS. The dejectedness of your young cousin nearly had Sara driving to town to purchase a replacement ball - but it was a holiday after all.

Telling on her was good enough...And oh, DON'T think he didn't tell daddy on cousin Sara!

Wish you were here in South America!

(no pictures as these clueless tourists forgot their digital camera)


stephani nola said...

no pictures!! how lame. i'm super jealous of your sail, hope you were all wearing sunscreen and didnt slide into the water too soon after BJ's ows cream.

cotton candy flavor? gross, someone needs to smarten him up!

i need pictures of my favorite little redhead, though..

Sheepish Annie said...

My sincere condolences on the loss of the ball. The roof will probably get off on an insanity defense but we all know the truth.

laurie in maine said...

Trust me: he went in for Bubblegum. I had to read the limited options several times before Cotton Candy was agreed upon.
BJ's cooler has kicked the bucket and they are down to 5 pitiful flavors to choose from and NO HOT FUDGE SUNDAE's.
What's the point. Take down your freakin Ows Cream sign! ;)