Saturday, April 29, 2006

...Make him walk the plank!

5 year old Kyle spent the day with Aunt Laurie on Friday. A Kyle Day to fill the Stephi-void that's had me walking around knowing something's missing since her return to Brooklyn after a spring break week at home. (Also missing are the glasses on the back of the couch, bowls under the couch, wet towels at the end of the bed and Saved By The freaking Bell reruns. I really do miss you kid!)

And now Sara has boarded a plane to Nashville for a renewable energy conference. The empty nest void has grown a little wider this morning.

Kyle Day includes lemon-poppy muffins fresh from the oven. A blanket tent draped from love seat to artist easel to rocking chair back - taking up most of the living room. Secret hideouts. Hide-And-Go-BOO! (Seeker must count to 5 slowly and then both scream BOO when hiding spot is found). Treasure Box filled with precious (vintage) toys from the basement - yeah that's right girls: your 80's toys are old! Buried Treasure in the front yard. This requires 2 radio flyer wagon loads of sand scrapped off the end of the driveway. MUCH easier than digging a 2 foot hole in the middle of the lawn, although it took some convincing on my part before he accepted this option. Oh, and a MAP! To find the buried treasure silly.

And the cartoon song I cannot get out of my head involves a moose, a peg-leg penguin and another (forgettable) pal singing (repeatedly) "What ya gonna do with a scurvy pirate? What ya gonna do with a scurvy pirate? MAKE HIM WALK THE PLANK!"

Make it stop?

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