Wednesday, April 12, 2006

In a FINISHING mood!

Well, this last week has just been a turning point for finishing things. I used up the last of my yarn from The Skein Who's Price Must NOT Be Mentioned. Finished a second pair of socks out of it!! Ran out about halfway down the second foot, but I had 2 small balls rolled off trying to get to the right colorway starting point between first & second socks. I was able to find the matching color segment TWICE! All was going well until the very tip of the last toe. It was supposed to be green, but I ran out of yarn segments for a third time and not one smidgen of green remained.

So one sock tip is green & one is blue. Whatever. Will probably NEVER pay that much for yarn again. Anyone know where there's a good sale on Opal, let me know!! Tried to convince Sara to make her German friend request something from home. Tell his mom he needed something really fragile, he couldn't live without and: "Pack it in Opal yarn please, mom as I've taken up knitting, along with my chemical engineering studies."

Yeah, not working out for me... but what an idea, huh?!

Also finished is my Making It Up As I GO felted tote bag!! Picture is pre-felting. I felted it last night and actually LOVE how it came out. I tried 2 stranded knitting and made up the pattern design myself. The felting softens it a bit and this one shrunk much less than my first effort.

PLUS: I made 2 fabric totebags from stash fabric.

Current mood: Just PLEASED WITH MYSELF as all get out :)
Using it up so I can buy more!

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