Monday, December 08, 2008

Stuck in a folder no more

6x6 Meme

The rules:
--Go to your sixth picture folder and pick the sixth picture.

*if you've recently renamed folders - is the order skewed unfairly?

--Tag - you're it!

And I'm adding a twist: [(6x6)+5]
--find 5 more pictures you really meant to blog.

From what I remember my 6x6 picture is low tide in Belfast. Tom and I wandered the farmer's market and later looked for several Letterboxes.
And ate lobster/crab rolls sampler lunch. Yum!

Next 2 are at Schoodic Point.

A front yard rainbow.
Rainbows always appear here, often double.
I think it's because of Pushaw Lake's proximity and the magnifying glass it becomes.

(But my science expertise is equal to my math skills and my ability to tell left from right at a moments notice... what do I know!)

Last pictures are right side of our yard at the road's edge.
A storm this way comes!

Left side rock wall where tree line meets sunrise.

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