Monday, December 08, 2008

A day after Thanksgiving

Road trip!

Tom and I headed for an overnight stay in Portland the day after
Lobster Day.

Save a lobster?

Not a problem!

We gave thanks home alone, with a pot of boiling water and some butter :)

LL Bean outlet shopping and a little Letterboxing.

Next time we eat lunch first.
We spent way too long circling the first park.
Determined to find missing boxes in Baxter Woods.

While I searched in vain, Tom fished the missing stamp out of a pond next to the tree it should have been hiding near.
Floating in a baggie.
Green with pond scum.
Like the bum who threw it there!

By the time we searched for 5 across the street in Evergreen Cemetery I was starving.
(Plus only found one.)

Almost 1:30 by the time we gave it up.

Next time we eat first!
So Life is
NOT crap.

And what's with the Crooked Little One-room Schoolhouse posing as Santa's Workshop?

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