Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Quilting like it's 1999!

(lol ;)

This segment starts with a personal guilt factor as usual.

UnFinished Objects.
Quilt projects in various stages of waiting.

A cat quilt has been hanging out waiting for it's binding.
For like a year. I won the blocks in Chapter block of the month drawing.
Okay... that was actually several years ago.
I machine quilted it. I prefer hand quilting, but I thought it would be quicker by machine. Less likely to end up in the
Treasure Box of Unfinished things.

But, that's all it needed?
Not sure what the hell I was waiting for.
Except the fabric I wanted to use for the binding was gone and so I had to make a new decision.

Decision made! It's binding is all on and I just need to go half way around sewing the back of it down by hand. Waiting for a warm sunny window.
This week for sure!

Next up I decided would be my Y2K quilt.
By "quilt' I mean a pile of 45 blocks and 15 envelopes still barely opened.
Peeked at when they arrived.
In 1999.

Swapping charm envelopes - Squishies- was all the rage back in 1999.
While the computer geeks worried the world was going to come to an end because no one thought ahead about rolling over the internal clocks of our electronics - quilters celebrated the event with 25 three inch squares of assorted fabrics, one of which would be a plain muslin with our signature and location signed. Often a stamped image!

This is where I seem to have left off.

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