Saturday, July 19, 2008

Seeking shelter from the rain


It started raining at about the same time we reached the river, so we took shelter in a cave and waited it out.

After awhile Tom decided to give the fishing a try.
I decided to wait a little longer.

Pulled out the camera to try capturing an image of how hard it was actually raining. Doesn't really do it justice!

As I tried different angles, this Old Man Of The River was captured on screen. I think you can find him in the picture, although the camera viewer captured it best. The "smart box" kept zeroing in on the mouth but you couldn't see it from the cave without looking through the camera.

Unless you squinted.

Updated to add:
No one here can see my Old Man of the River.
Not Sara.
Or Steph. Until I pointed it out.
((Sure, mom.))
Tom said he could but I suspect now I was being humored.

What is the matter with you people?
Maybe it's like one of those optical illusion pictures that you have to stare at cross-eyed and then when you finally see it, it's so obvious you can't believe you didn't see it before.

Or maybe their imagi-vison needs adjusting?

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