Monday, July 21, 2008

Home Grown


All organically grown.
All picked fresh Sunday morning.

Woodchucks: -3
Deer: absent
Fingers crossed it stays that way... OR ELSE*
(*see woodchucks fate, mister)
Potato bugs, Japanese beetles, etc: Manual squashing continues

involving orange unbelievably gross, yucky fingers.
(okay...losing ground here. But determined to resist chemically dusting our food.)

Let there be zucchini bread.
Home made ravioli!

I never did boast about my new found cooking adventure?
(Self confessed non cook)

I bought a Pasta Machine last year.
(hand crank kind)
And then Steph went off to Vermont to house sit before we tried it.
So it got shoved into the out of site...out of mind
too high to reach, let alone see into
cabinet over the fridge.

Because I was a little afraid of the thing.
And Steph wasn't here to assist.

Turns out she has ZERO patience for filling/folding raviolis.
But she willingly makes the fillings.
When asked.
When limited attention span can be channeled properly.

And also turns out I LOVE THE PROCESS.
Very relaxing & satisfying.
VERY time consuming meal.
BUT oh so good.
I am NEVER buying boxed pasta.
Ever again.

I don't care how long it takes to prepare a meal.
Or that an hour of "cooking" takes -10 minutes to eat.
Eventually I hope to actually time all the steps so things go smoother.
Or grow another set of hands?

compliment overheard: mmmm...
"restaurant quality"

Gee. I'm hungry.

And the little tree with it's growing pile of
(oh, pretty!) rocks collected from fishing excursions this summer is my feeble attempt to start a bonsai from the wild. Tiny tree was growing in abandoned gravel pit/parking lot and carried home wrapped in wet fishing socks.

**Failed attempts: 4

**I'm still watering 1st efforts, but outlook is grim.
All the bonsai
know-it-all authors can say I told you so.

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