Monday, July 21, 2008

Letterboxing Logbooks

Exploring book binding

Letterboxing enthusiasm continues.
Still going off fishing in directions where Letterboxes are NOT, though. Need to work on that.

Couldn't even convince Steph to go look for the newest locally hidden treasure in Stillwater on Sunday morning.
Could have had something to do with a 15 hour round trip adventure to Quebec, I suppose.

Something about lack of proper shoes.
Signature stamp not yet hand carved.
(hey, I got mine. It may not be hand carved but it was specially ordered!*)
Uncertainty where Franklin Street was.
Um...too tired?

You drove to Quebec and back all in one day?
Are you out of your freaking minds?
I mean... Glad you're back safe and sound.
Sure. I'll drive to Orono at 8 am to pick you up.

Where was I?
Bookmaking techniques for Letterboxing logs have kept my attention diverted from our lack of actual trips looking for more Letterboxes this week.

Coming at this process from a Fabric Postcard/ Fabric ATC background, I'm using the same process for book covers for log books.

Now I want to explore different techniques.
I must say I'm totally amused by this recycled elastic from supermarket asparagus bunches idea. You can use any found object such as the tree branch to secure the elastic in place.
But you can easily take it apart and add or subtract pages.
Good for screwing up a stamp entry.
(video tutorial)
So cool.
((easily amused!))
Next experiment will be Coptic Binding.

First books I made were blank journals, to be stamped in & journaled upon successfully finding a Letterbox.
I've been printing out clues in sheets of possible locations for any given direction a trip might take one of us past.
Sheets of paper fresh from the printer are easily ruined.
((Or rolled up and used as a fan when clue has been deemed useless.))

This weekend I decided to try incorporating the clues in the logbook, leaving a place to stamp the image found on the same page. We'll see how it works out!

Dream Catcher tutorial I wrote for Fabric Postcards here!
And I wrote the current one, here :)

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