Thursday, January 11, 2007

Fetching, indeed!

A little therapy knitting

I cut my thumb a week and a half ago, cutting potatoes. With a really dull knife that I should have known better than to be using; slicing into my thumb with as much force as I had planned for the spud. Bad enough that knitting hurt like hell.

Working plastic canvas Letter People hurt just as much, but their class lessons have gotten ahead of me so I forced myself to stick to the Kindergarten project and try to catch up.

I'm still a bit behind, but I rewarded myself with some therapy knitting yesterday, now that the throbbing has eased.

With Letter S finished finally (and in less than 24 hours!) I've finished a pair of Knitty's Fetching Fingerless Mitts. I don't have size 6 needles as called for so I went with 5. A size smaller still might work just as well, especially with yarn any thinner that the Caron Simply Soft - Dark Moss - Shadows that I used.

Stephani has already claimed them as her own and is off today to the University of Maine to show them off to a friend who will "be so jealous!" I've teased her into practicing the right tone she should use, should anyone comment on knitted socks, felted bag, woven scarf and now mitts: "My mom made them!" with just the right amount of daughterly pride expected of one hoping to be gifted with more of the same. ;)

This was my first project knitting cables, using a cable needle. Perhaps a good thing each mitt only had 4 rows of actual manipulating of the stitches with that fidgety little crooked needle or it might have been discouraging. My technique needs some work! As it is I feel quite pleased with my first efforts and plan more of these fingerless gloves.

This pattern had several firsts for me as I also did my first waste yarn knitting for the thumbs and the Picot Bind Off, as well as the cables. I may skip the Picots on mine as they curl quite a bit. It may be that I just didn't do it right!

It occurred to me the same cable cuff pattern of the mitts might look cool on socks as well.
At least those would not have thumbs. Not even these half thumbs have changed my dislike of knitting thumbs quite yet.

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Sheepish Annie said...

Yeah...thumbs are a bugger. I think that's why my mitten career ended so abruptly.

Fetching looks great and I certainly hope your daughter's bragging does you justice!