Monday, December 11, 2006

Stranded Without A Compass

Which came first?

Another Knit-a-long started in December. Perfect timing...
My first Stranded project is finished.

The group has been divided into categories and I'm in the last one.
(Actually, I'm listed Seventh of Nine in the last group! ;)
"Stranded Without A Compass Which way are you going, folks?"
I think I'll push to keep this a category. Not sure what project I'll do next.
Folk Knitting from Estonia is on order, but without a compass, a map or much of a sense of direction. . . I may already be in the right group!


Sheepish Annie said...

ooooooo! Very, very pretty! Nice job.

QC said...

I'm not a pink kind of person but those are just adorable! Great job!

Mia said...

ooooooooo.. those are GOREGOUS!!!! Really, really nice!
I'm not much into pink but I'd roll up my pants legs to show off those bad boys!!!

And what a loser I am, from now on I should learn to read the comments so I don't repeat what's already been said... like


Persnickety Knitter said...

Wow! Those are great socks. I am most definitely not a pink fan, but I just love those. [Shhhh, but I actually like yours better than YH's.] Any chance you feel like sharing your graph for the motif? I have some sock yarn that might look good when used in this way.