Monday, January 15, 2007

What good is a compass?

(if you don't have a clue how to use one :)

Yes. Once again I have become Stranded.
But I found my compass!
(For all the good that will do?)

More importantly, my map to Estonia arrived in the mail last week. (Folk Knitting in Estonia by Nancy Bush) I love this book! I borrowed it from the library through the Interloan program but they wouldn't renew, even once.
Decided owning this one would be worth it.

I've been trying the different cast-on methods and the braids demonstrated in the book are tempting. I may even try mittens with actual complete thumbs in the very near future. I'm squeezing in a little reward Stranded knitting for each batch of Letter People I work on.
To confess I would rather be knitting might be an understatement. But there will be no disappointing the Kindergartner's of 14th Street School, trying to convince them there are only 10 letters of the alphabet. I may have started looking forward to the end way too soon - not even half way through yet? Yikes!

I've also finished a second pair of the Fetching fingerless mitts. This pair have no picots at the knuckles; I did two rows of linen stitch and then a Kitchener rib bind-off. Sara now owns them, although Stephani may do a secret-sister switch when nobody is looking.

Both girls like the second pair better, without the curling picot edge.
is suffering from 1st pair grab-itis?


Sheepish Annie said...

Ok. I'm now officially the only knitter on the planet who has yet to make Fetching. I probably should get on that...

stephani nola said...

how ruuuude. i modeled for your blog and praised them to the high heavens and you give HER the good ones!! not for long. she's not even cool enough to sport them. no offense.

laurie in maine said...

Will point out darling youngest daughter people who say they "mean no disrespect" or "no offense" probably do.

At least laugh :) and say I'm only kidding so they'll really know it's you...

REM lyrics? ;)

Natasha said...

Hey there,

Thanks for visiting my blog. I may be stranded with a compass now, but I sure haven't even started. It's about to get really cold, so I better get with it. I love FK in Estonia too. It's an awesome book to just stare at.


Mia said...

So have you really found your compass or not? I finally did. But I will also have to pull my copy of Estonian knitting and see what other new projects I can find to try.

roggey said...

That knitting book was the first one I ever purchased. Two weeks after I picked up knitting needles when I hadn't knit in 30 years! Talk about ambition and ignorance ;) I adore those braided cast-on methods, too!