Monday, August 14, 2006

Generation (knitting) Gap

My youngest Next Generation is feeling a little left out of the Knitting Hands 3 Generation photo moment on Sunday. She'll be home from her summer Internship with Scholastic books in a few weeks for her Senior fall semester at UMaine.

Not to be ignored nor left out, she has sent me a picture of her creative use of the idle subway knitting needles. Since the practice ball of yarn is the same size as it was when it left many months ago, I'll assume it's safe to say I have not corrupted another knitting hopeful with my wonky style of knitting?

Miss you kid :) Will be happy to have you back home for a while. Soon!!


stephani nola said...

was the emphasis on the .."for a WHILE" or "SOON" part? ha.

here is the poem from Unleashed that made me laugh and laugh because it sounded so much like the boy version of Jazzy:

written by Merril Markoe's black lab, Lewis
this is called

Lewis Describes His Day

it's 5 a.m. I'm wide awake so to your bed I race.
Won't you please get up and shove some groceries in my face?
Now I head outside and dig big holes in your backyard.
Then I race back in and eat a pillow and some lard.
Next I jump into your pool. Then roll around in mud.
Then i have sex with your couch to prove I'm still a stud.
Hook me to the leash and let me pull you into trees.
I will gasp and choke and then I'll knock you to your knees.
Let me get the garbage down and dive in it with glee.
Let me kiss you. Just a second. Let me get this flea.
Oh boy, there' s my dinner. Aw, it's just the same old goo.
Give me all your food instead or I will drool on you.
All i want to do is sit right on you and be near you.
Ask me to do anything. I'll act like I can't hear you.
Come and wrestle with me. If you don't I'll show you how.
Then I must have all your food, so give it to me now.


laurie in maine said...

Emphasis on: Miss you kid :)and Soon!!

I would have bold fonted those words in this message if I had a clue what "Your HTML cannot be accepted: Tag is not closed" means.

And spell checker doesn't like awhile? But it looks funny as two words so I should have clicked ignore...the word. NOT YOU. so needy :)

Sheepish Annie said...

Back before Amy The Scary, But Beloved Stylist Who Likes To Buy Me Lunch got ahold of me, I used to do that with the needles. Not much hair left now, though. I ended up having to knit more just to have someplace to put the needles.

Tricotine said...

Hey! That is where my double pointed knitting needle was the other day!

It was hot and I wanted to tight my hair up... I didn't have a crunchy or a barette so I roll my hair and used the dbpn to hold my hair together!

I was looking for it EVERYWHERE and it was in right there, in my hair!

Isabelle aka Tricotine