Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Amazing Lace Challenge # 5

Where's Waldo?

The next Challenge for the Amazing Lace is posted:

"In honor of that slightly crazed I see lace everywhere mental state that'’s a symptom of obsessive lace knitting, your challenge is to post one photo on your blog in which your lace is a hidden or unexpected part of the picture."

Can you find all of Waldo's Lace Socks?
(5 pair finished since Memorial Day!)

For the longest time I could not stand to look at a Gladiolia. My only sister was killed by a drunk driver in July of 1983 and Glad's must have been the funeral florist's flower of choice; it seemed as if they were everywhere.

I hated them.

Several years ago I put a rock garden out beyond my kitchen window. An angel was placed on a stone bench next to a sun dial type arrangement of rocks.

And then I made peace with the humble Gladiolia.

When I dug up the ground for my new vegetable garden there were a lot of rocks! Big, heavy rocks just crying out to be important enough for their own garden space. The idea was this was to be an asparagus patch and the flowers would pretty it up. The asparagus were a miserable failure . . . but look at my pretty flowers!

The blue ones are quite exceptional this year, don't you think?


Sheepish Annie said...

I do agree...who knew that the blue would flourish so well???

Sean said...

this is like should-be-framed gorgeous! love it! (and the socks are looking beautiful!) good luck! :)

stephani nola said...

gosh the yard sure has changed! it's going to be a warm little winter with all of those socks. and they are totally stephani colors. well, maybe the bubble gum pink is more sara..

Jane said...

Beautiful flowers Laurie - especially the ones that will survive the Maine winter and keep your feet nice and warm!