Monday, February 08, 2016

Giving it my BEST SHOT . . . ?

New Nikon D5500
I got a new camera for Christmas! 

I've watched a lot of YouTube videos esp. this one  . . . over and over again. It takes a while for things to sink in.  Now that I need reading glasses, seeing the menu on the camera is a bitch without them. I hate it!

My plan is to practice taking pictures and to blog a few of the keepers to document my slow learning curve.  As with most things that needs to be learned all over again, I intend to give myself a break. My favorite advice from one of the video tutorials to date: "You'll take a million BAD pictures before you become good at this..." Or something like that. 
I'm up to about 500.

Most of my trips outside have been either walking our trails here at the house or snowshoeing some of the local nature preserves.

My goal from this batch was to end up with a four season series of photos in more or less the same spot halfway down our field. 

The first fall photo with lots of color (when this plan was first hatched) was taken with my old Canon Powershot. 

The frosty morning pictures were taken with my new camera... I think. Probably in auto mode. Winter snow-covered attempts have included too little sunlight, a dog's butt and our tracks messing up the imagined "best shot".  Getting out of auto mode is the goal.

Snow is predicted for this afternoon and tomorrow.
Yay . . . another shot at it soon? 

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Needled Mom said...

Great idea. You should link up with Soma's Wandering Camera series at

Soma @ said...

Thank you for linking up on Wandering Camera! Congratulations on your new camera! I can see that you are already having a lot of fun with it :)