Tuesday, October 28, 2008

(more) Recycled Denim

Watch Pocket Journal

Sara has been after me to make a new Letterboxing logbook for one of her boxing buddies, about to go back to it's owner. The logbook it came with is a page away from being full and she wanted me to make them a "cute" dog fabric covered logbook.

Nothing even remotely close seemed to be hiding in my stash. I did come across the 3rd Picnic Quilt while stash diving that I started earlier this summer and was fast on its way to becoming another guilt riddled UnFinished Object.

It's almost done and I pledge to work on it this week.
(putting it in bold font means I'm more likely to keep this promise?)

I had saved all of the leftover denim scraps - especially the pockets - hoping for an idea to use them later. Sunday morning inspiration struck and I've now made 2 logbooks using watch pockets as the covers.

The idea was to be able to stick the hand carved rubber stamp right inside the pocket - logbook & stamp all in one place. (Genius!)

The first one had a natural seam that made the stamp a tight fit and I was afraid it would get damaged if users were not extra careful. I thought I was all out of quality paper for making logbooks that could be used with ink, but came up with half a ream that had been put "some place safe where I'll find it" long ago.

I finally found it again!

Also pictured is the checkbook cover I made for myself months ago.
And my Fall Collection of Fabric Postcards & Artist Trading Cards.
Since the camera was out :)

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joe tulips said...

the denim books are wonderful....I have so many old jeans that need to used for SOMETHING, these are a great way!