Thursday, October 30, 2008

And then I hit send.

Finishing things

Or bold fonted blog promises work!

Quilt nearly finished. It was in 3 sections with 16 circles not yet sewn together at all. Down to one seem and 2 rows of circle flaps to stitch down. Sadly I seem to be short of the fabric it would take to make the matching bag like the others had. Will think of something else.

Yes. My fridge still has hope!

The Obama thank you/form letter hangs where it was put. Since November.
Afraid of being a jinx.
It's not coming down.
Maybe ever.

*Socks from hell worked on twice this week.
I started these socks back in March and the 1st one was done in just a few days. 2nd one was cast on and cuff finished about May.
* sweet jeezus, will they ever be done?
I lost my knitting mojo. Hope it comes back. Someday.

I may have mentioned my hobby attention span is easily diverted to other new & shiny things over there. I tend to go all out with an interest for a while and then attention is diverted to some other compulsive obsession.

Over there!

These things all actually still randomly weave themselves back in & out of my focus. It's what's making the top of the list that changes. In waves.

tabletop weaving
knitting socks
fabric Postcards
needle tatting
fabric ATC's
recycled denim
-denim quilts
book binding
african violets (oh, the guilt!) most of them died
* Mrs. John I owe you a postcard!

letter people - NO MORE! After 4 years if I had to make one more googly eyed piece of plastic canvas into the shape of an alphabet letter I would gouge my eyes out. Not even for the distraction this political season needs could I do this project again. Plus rumor had it 14th Street School was back up to 2 Kindergarten classes for the year. 50 x 26 = suicide watch

About hitting send:
As I made the bed the other day my thoughts randomly turned to wondering how long it had been since I had written an editorial. Nothing had jumped out at me with burning inspiration or need to fire off a pithy, if slightly sarcastic editorial in a long while. And I thought of Bob Campbell, who has since passed away, but used to tease a competition for getting the next letter published.

And then I took mom for her mammogram yesterday.

I'm knitting away on the *sock from hell and I keep hearing the registrars at the front desk reading off changes for a new waiver form everyone must fill out. They mention something about information being shared for fundraising purposes and then neatly move on to where you sign the deal.
My ears perked up about the 5th time I heard them tell a patient they would be sharing their info with charities. So once I picked up the dropped stitch* that had raveled 3 or 4 rows down somehow I got out the papers mom handed me and started reading.

(The old knitter me would have totally ripped out all the needles and gone back 3 or 4 rows to do it over. I fudged it. With the mental excuse whispering "you can tear it out when there is a bright window if it looks like crap."
Not going to happen. Likely. But it sort of looks like crap.)

Anyway. I fired off an editorial last night and this morning got an email saying it had too many words...please resubmit. Sucks. I totally like the 1st version. Took me all morning to redo it but I've hit send once more.
We'll see.

How's it looking, Bob?

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. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

I love the texture of your quilt. Is it recycled denim and "regular" quilting fabric? Will the edges of the circles fray with time?