Monday, August 18, 2008

I am a NUMBER!

*Who left the lights on?

Today I went to the library to plant my first letterbox.

(I released 2 hitch hikers this weekend as well!)

I intended to spend a leisurely morning scouting out clues to coincide with numbers that would designate its location on a shelf. So I parked on the slanted hill in front of City Hall. At least an hour of free parking.

I had it in my head I would use a C for "enter the library through the Children's Entrance" or numbers like 3 (top floor the elevator will take you); 4 for the number of arched windows when you step off the elevator and turn left. In the end, I'm just using the number as the clue.
Maybe I'll make the next one harder!

Once I chose the book I wanted to place it next to, I went to the circulation desk and asked, "Please may I have a number... :) and could I possibly have one of those stickers so it will fit right next to this book (
Cocoon Silk) on the shelf without looking out of place?"

She was SO helpful! And totally most likely to become the area's newest Letterboxer. Quote: "Oh, I'm so excited about this!"

She disappeared to a back room and came back (quite a while later) with a number all printed out. Asked me if I would like it on the outside binding or top front cover. (bottom binding!) Her co-worker standing next to her said she actually has
The Letterboxers Companion book checked out right now. They were both very interested.

The book is currently resting in its assigned spot in a back corner of the library, snuggled between
Cocoon Silk and I am Japan Raw Silk. Book binding how-to shelf just opposite. Plenty of empty shelf space nearby or a computer table on the back wall for stamping in out of sight.

Please don't make a mess stamping ink.
Don't forget to write!

* As I walked back to the Wrangler nearly hem...2 hours later I see headlights on the jeep. It was broad daylight. No way did I use lights! Perhaps I bumped it with my knee? Please let that be sun shining off the glass?

NO. Dead battery, indeed.

Story gets worse: Wrangler's from 1995 have locking front hoods.
The key to which is home on Tom's set - I have just the spare ignition key.
No hood key.
On a slanted hill. I've got booster cables and 3 men offering to help Distressed Woman.
No hood key.
And a night-shift working husband sound asleep, through ringing phones and answering machine messages.

10th try was the charm.
And then his rescue trip took forever because Broadway was blocked off by police road blocks from hell.

I am so grounded the rest of the week.
But I have a NUMBER!

Totally shaking this off and remembering only the good part after I hit publish. Please be distracted by my Mama & Baby Moose pictures. We went camping last week and I didn't even take a picture of the tent to prove actual sleeping on ground occurred.
It did. Oh, my aching back!

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