Friday, August 01, 2008

Altered Book Letterbox complete

It's Done!

The page inserts explaining Letterboxing and the details of my project have been glued down to the altered book.

Magnets were sunk into the book edges to lock all of the parts in if picked up and moved by accident.

The page actually snaps shut once it comes near to the metal hiding between pages.

I've carved a few stamps this week, experimenting in positive and negetive space. This is the one I've chosen for my first plant. Plus a dream catcher will become my signature stamp.

At some point I want to set a dream catcher free as a Hitch Hiker along with a logbook with my woven dream catcher cover.

I've mixed the themes of detective mysteries, treasure hunt searches and games with a clip art from my Office program to come up with something to carve. I think it's an interesting enough stamp so that it would not be a disappointment to someone going out of their way to find it.
Well, I hope.

I stopped by the Library reference desk to see about getting permission. I was given the name of 2 directors and have emailed the adult division. No response yet, but my write-up doesn't commit this book to specific library. So I can shop for a different library if need be.


Shaina said...

This is so cool! Love how the book and stamp each have their own cut out.

Okie Dog said...

Laurie I love, love, your library letterbox! It is great! Wow, you have been boxing for a very long time. What a perfect stamp for your project, too. Is it still hiding at the library?