Friday, June 13, 2008

What are the odds?

Anyone lose a truck?

Tom and I went back to the river we fished a couple of weeks ago and tried to hike the section of AT again but a week of rain made the river too treacherous to wade across, let alone fish along the side. The current was raging and water levels were a foot higher than before.

So we gave up and went "exploring" - still looking for that shortcut back to Abbot.
Yeah. Still didn't find it.

What we did find was frightening and I can't believe I didn't take a picture before we left. A truck had gone down over the side of the mountain!

I had taken over the driving and we were on a very high mountain ridge. The trees were thick along the side but it looked like there might be a lake off in the valley so Tom said to pull over and he would go across the road and look over the side. I kept driving, thinking I would find a better place to see through the trees and also be able to be seen by other vehicles coming up the mountain.

So he got out when I finally decided on a spot to park and walked to the edge. And as he's gazing into the distance he sees a truck at the bottom of the ravine!
Oh. My. God. We had no idea if it had just happened or not so he climbed down to see if anyone needed help. I'm at the top screaming are you okay...scared to death there's a body. I stacked several rock towers on the side of the road to mark the spot. Luckily no sign of anyone. Turns out it was reported stolen in April.

We called the state police when we got home - there are NO police stations in rural Maine, by the way! (You never find a cop when you want one and we don't have a cell phone.) We were not even sure where we were once we made it back to the main road, although we took notes and marked the mileage.

So my blogger camera priorities need some work. I
didn't take a picture of Truck Over Side of Mountain? But I remembered to take a picture of my Sock on Vacation progress. (I turned the heel and got the stitches all picked up for the ankle :)

Sock photo caption:
"It's all downstream from here!"

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