Saturday, June 07, 2008

One week at a time.

52 Pair Plunge II

June 1st marked the start of the 2nd annual "knit a pair of socks a week" challenge.

There being 52 weeks in a year, should help with the math.

I didn't participate in last year's challenge, having seen enough of socks for a while at the end of Sock Madness 1. Sock Madness 2 has wound down now and still like knitting.

So I've joined another pack of sock knitters.

It's the end of the first week and I've finished the pair I started on Sunday, after a very rough start with chart VS written instruction. Charts really are the way to go. Plus a pair for week 2 that was started some time in May. I didn't jot down the date because I was procrastiknitting when I should have been doing something else.
With a deadline.

(I've been watching the Lord Of The Rings trilogy again :)

I have one last pair under way that was started in April. It has 72 stitches on size 0 needles. I promised myself I would get them cleared out of the way before Summer Of Socks kicks off June 21st. No WIP's are supposed to count for that one, so a good a reason as any to finish half done things.

After that - anyone want some size 0 needles?
Because I'm NEVER knitting 72 stitch socks with 0's again!

Sock Details:
Pink ones - Snowflake Lace pdf by Melanie Berney.
Green ones - inspired by cuff of Giotto by Anna Bell.

I already had the picot top done and was looking for something different to do for the ankle. I have no idea what her pattern is, but stitch I used was part of "Fancy Horizontal Stripe" #160 from The Complete Book of Knitting.
Barbara Abbey/ Viking Press 1971.

(Striped yarn kind of defeated the look.)

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ingrid said...

Nice socks, dear Laurie,
especially the pink ones have a very
nice pattern.
I wish you a good Sunday
from the south of Germany