Saturday, July 07, 2007

Needle Tatting; week 2

Split Ring demystified!

Tried following a tutorial for split rings and was left with broken rings and chains hanging in mid-air. Pretty sure I wasn't doing something right! Posted a question on the Yahoo group I joined and one lady went above & beyond trying to help me out by adding a new tutorial on her blog. I got it!

And made a bookmark of sorts. Kind of looks like a fly swatter! Thought of adding one of the colorful butterflies to it. Butterflies are NOT for swatting though, so maybe not.

But at least it's finished and I worked enough split rings to really "get it!"

My new book arrived. Tatting Collage by Lindsay Rogers would be worth the list price just for the pictures. Even if I never tatted anything from it. But I've already done butterflies & stars from it and that Bonsai tree on the cover will end up on a fabric postcard if when I figure it out. I found it on for less than list, even with shipping & handling. PLUS the lady included a piece of tatting - still stuck to the #8 tatting needle. Unexpected bonus!


Sheepish Annie said...

Stop, stop! I beg you! I cannot start another hobby at this point!

But, it is mighty tempting. You're doing some really nice work there.

***Jon**** said...

Hi Laurie,
Thank you for dropping by my blog and for leaving a comment. I have not gotten round to making picture #2 clearer with so many things at hand, but I will soon.

I have always used shuttles for tatting but would like to try needle-tatting, just to see if I can. But first must get the needles for it. :D. And you tatting is looking good!