Saturday, June 30, 2007

Needle Tatting; week 1

New obsessions

Just like Christopher Columbus "discovered" America, I have "discovered" Needle Tatting!

Sure. Other people already know about Needle Tatting, just as America already had a fair number of residents who should have perhaps slapped Chris upside the head and pointed out the fact that they were here first.

But a discovery is what we make of it.
There's a good chance I'm going to be away from my knitting needles a bit longer.


A week ago today I was searching through some old patterns I had printed off from the net.
For someday. For "when I get around to it."
I was looking for basket postcard ideas and although I never found the one I was thinking of, I came across this one. Printed out in July 2001.

This basket has waited very patiently for me to "get around to it"!

(Although it turns out only the flowers are tatted. Basket is actually drawn onto a note card, so I've free handed a sketch of a larger version to appliqué onto fabric.)

I went out and bought a tatting needle that very morning and have doodled a bit waiting for some how-to books to arrive from the library. There are a host of online instructions & support groups. I've joined one specific to needle tatting and expressed my joy at discovering their secret. Needle tatted motifs may find their way onto a few more fabric postcards & ATC's.

It's vacation week so another "discovery" was made due the fact that we were lost. Tom was driving so we'll call it exploring! We found the Dead River above Long Falls Dam.

Map reading directions: Go to Bingham, Maine; cross the river and turn right. Then just drive.
(Check to be sure the gas tank is full before encouraging the fool to do this!)


Sheepish Annie said...

I've never tried sounds like fun!

roggey said...

beautiful work =)

Stephani said...

oooh, perdy tatting

perdy maine, as well. although doesn't look quite the same as a desktop background, so if you have any scenic maine photos or kylie or puppy photos that are more horizontal..