Monday, February 19, 2007

There's Winners and Losers

Day of the Great Scrabble Smuckin'

I think I may have mentioned it before. We have a traditional family Sunday Scrabble Match after lunch at Mom's nearly every week. We eat and then the table is cleared. A little digesting and then it's "Who's up for a game of Scrabble?" Any given week may see 2 to 6 players.
This week there were 6.

Six players of Scrabble means the letters disappear fast. The game would be over quickly, but for the thinking time taken by some to choose a word. My sister-in-law went first and I was third. On her 2nd turn she was able to make 7 letter word and if only there had been an E for me to get onto I would have as well. Alas. I had to settle for a triple word off of her 7 letter contribution and take 5 letters.

With 3 players to wait out before it was my turn again, I spied another 7 letter word opportunity. Saying nothing (for a change) I hoped the spot would remain mine.



Oh, baby!

As I gleefully plunked my letters into place, Steph picked the last of the letters. I didn't realize the letters were gone. And I went out. It has to be some kind of record?
They were left with 33 letters between them. All MINE!

74 bonus points for me for going out, along with my 68 point word just created...

High score 192. (Me in 3 turns)

Low score: 2 (because of only getting 2 turns and then losing 7 letters. Sorry mom!~)

I've been thinking of doing the 6 Weird Things post other Bloggers are doing. The girls declared I ought not get to choose what makes me weird. But we agreed on a couple.
My slightly unsportsmanlike conduct on the rare occasion of a win at Scrabble would be one of them.

There's gloating.
And a winner/loser chant.
Sometimes accompanied by a dance worthy of a football player in the end zone.

I'll be wagging this score sheet in front of them many more times yet. ;)
(Brought home & hung on the fridge, of course!)

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stephani nola said...

the fact that you gave NO credit to the 6 yr old delightfully rearranging your scrabble tiles for you says EVERYTHING about the cutthroat nature of your evil game-playing strategy.