Wednesday, February 07, 2007

It's my 1st toe-up sock!

An Owl Sock
Toe-Up :)

With a little technique help from Sensational Socks, instructions for the Easy Toe at Knitty and from this free pattern at Knitaddicted, I have attempted socks from the toe up.

It probably would have been wiser to pick a pattern and actually follow it, this being the 1st attempt.
Instead of making it up as I went along?

But I wound the yarn into 2 balls, hoped for about a size 5 sock and just started knitting.
It's free yarn...recently given to me. (No label, probably acrylic; not a problem as this was practice!)
There's only 36 stitches on size 4 needles because if this method sucked, 60 or 70 stitches cast-on per sock is a lot of damn work.

Previously, I had no interest in giving this method a try as I already have a perfectly functioning method of sock making: from the cuff-down.
Mom taught me and it works well enough. So why bother?

It occurred to me that if I'm able to beat the 128th person in line for Sock Madness, there's a pretty good chance one of the patterns will start off with the instruction: cast on provisional stitches and begin toe. And I would be seriously screwed. Eliminated even.
One of the strictest rules appears to be "Follow the DIRECTIONS! Exactly."

Hopefully this is no longer a problem.

Long, have I wanted to recreate this owl on the side of a sock.
Original pattern motif comes from WORKBASKET Dec 1971.
I liberated this copy from Mom's vintage collection nearly a year ago.
So I could figure out how to cable knit and then put this owl on the side of my sock.

Except I knew very little next to nothing about knitting a cable. And after an hour of attempting to chart out the front of the baby sweater so I could see how to do the owl, it became apparent there was a problem: My cuff-down sock owl would be upside down.

While toe-up socks will not likely become my method of choice. Seriously!
Look at that owl.
Right side up and everything.

I'm thinking a provisional cast-on could be worked just above the ankle for a directional motif (such as these owl cables) and then I could still do the gusset-to-toe sock Mom's way.

Then again, if I knew more about knitting cables I might understand how to just turn the pattern around?


roggey said...

Go you! Those are beautiful WIPs!

Now that I have released myself from the bonds of sock boredom, I'm free to enjoy others' projects all that much more!

Marguerite said...

I'm impressed. I've never had the patience to successfully start a toe up socks.

The technique would come in so handy when I have limited yarn. Shorted cuffs are OK, but it's not a good thing to run out of yarn on the foot.

The owls are cute cute cute.

Laura said...

That owl is spectacular! I've seen it once before but it always amazes me.

Toe-up is my first and true love for one huge reason--I hate leftover yarn. And I like tall socks, so I just keep knitting until I run out of yarn. Perfect!