Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Prize Surprise :)

I win the BONUS prize!
Last week Quiltmaker Magazine's Blogger posted a chance to win fabulous prizes if we left a comment making up a dinosaur name - something quilty.
I wrote: "When my girls were young we renamed one STEPHasaurus because her older sister had TriSARAtops
(Land Before Time stickers are still stuck to my sewing machine 20 years later ;) SCRAPaSEWrus…"

2 Winners were chosen. And then came a surprise that still makes me grin ear to ear:

"A special prize goes out to Laurie in Maine, because any woman who has The Land Before Time dinosaur stickers on her machine 20 years later is just too cool for words."

I'm Too cool for words! 
(It's in writing :)


Needled Mom said...

Fabulous!!!! Congratulations!

Quiltmaker said...
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Quiltmaker said...

I love it! The stickers are just as great as I imagined. I shipped your box today. Enjoy!


joe tulips said...

I hadn't met anyone to cool for words yet...and documented to boot.
Now I have. Congratulations! The dino-stickers are so cute. I think we had every video back then.

Ivory Spring said...

Very cool indeed, Laurie. Congrats!

Thanks for visiting me and leaving the kind comment on my Nestlings. :)

Judy S. said...

Congrats, Laurie!