Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Got Sticky Snow?

Build a SNOWMAN why don't you!

Why yes, I did.
All by myself.
Took me about 45 minutes this morning.
Lifting the 2nd ball up onto the 1st was way harder than I remember.

Also worked on a new Block of the Month quilt project that started this month. Each free "Jewels" block will be available at Morning Glory Designs for 2 months I believe.

And because I'm enjoying my sewing machine again, I also did the 1st block of the month in the Bunny Hill Designs "Henrietta Whiskers".
I changed the branch of leaves so I could applique the stems instead of embroider leaves on the end of string. Looked a little like balloons.
The yellowish leaves might have been a been a bit much.
Maybe another leaf to make it layered.
Needs Something.


Shay said...

I love your block. The yellow looks perfect to me- a real punch of colour.

I've never made a snowman in my life- so it had never occured to me that snow would be heavy! Duh. Aussie girl- not much snow here !

Judy S. said...

I'll bet most of your snowmen endeavors weren't solos, so that's why it seemed heavy. On your squirrel block, why don't you add some veins to the leaves when you finally quilt it? Just a thought...