Saturday, May 01, 2010

Still more of that CROCHET thing . . .

Look what I can do!
(I'm a practicing hooker :)

Still obsessed with cute crocheted things and the abundance of online possibilities has me trying more & more new-to-me techniques.

My latest project is nearly finished. "Nicolette" was started April 27th. There's supposed to be a fabric under skirt, but the crochet part is done.

The arms & ears were made ahead of time and joined right along with a row of single crochet - instead of being sewed on with needle and yarn later. I LOVE that now that I've done it that way and don't know why more patterns aren't written that way.

I was terrified a bit when I first read this section of instructions.
Took a deep breath and went for it. JUST DO IT. The yarn does get tangled around ears and arms a little so I put an elastic around the top of her head while doing the sweater.

It looks a little like bunny torture?

Pattern is crocheted mostly as written :)
A few changes here and there and possibly the head is on backwards. I wanted a wider forehead but if I understood the section following ear's backwards on purpose.

The sweater was the one thing that was to be sewn on later but my first effort was crocheted a little tight and didn't fit very well. So I crocheted a new one right onto the bunny. This seemed to keep my tension more relaxed working around the bunny body. Random increases meant ending at the bottom with more stitches than the pattern called for but everything seemed to work out in the end. I made the textured pattern longer and left off the extra ripple.

Not sure yet what I'm going to do with my growing box of toys.


Micki said...

It is so cute! You did a great job!

Entre Nous said...

Adorable, colors are divine too!

SaraLyn said...

Well Nicolette has been adopted, and her name was changed to Anna! She got to see the sights in Minneapolis, as Noora brought her along on one of our walks - and now she has a new home back in Finland. =)

prashant said...

You did a great job!
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Mel said...

Realmente un precioso trabajo ,tienes patrones para compartir ? Desde ya gracias !!! Ya soy tu seguidora y te espero con mucho gusto en mi casita :
besos Mel.