Saturday, June 13, 2009

African Violets by name

Obsessive Tendencies

I have admitted before my obsessive nature towards the subject of the moment. I tend to eat, drink & breath a hobby or interest for as long as it lasts. All out and full speed ahead. I want to learn more. I want to find bloggers or forums with similar interests. I visit the library. I buy used books for my growing library of how-to.

(First new blooms on Happy Trails since starting over. It arrived by mail in May along with 5 other plants.)

A quick search of my blog using the word obsession surprised me how many times I've admitted the description of myself. Dating back to the very 1st entry!

My current project is replacing some of the named African Violets I used to grow on lighted plant stands. I committed all but 3 to the compost bins several years ago. Sounds less guilty than "she killed them all"? (Which is what I had to admit when Steph came home after being away for a year and wanted to know what happened to them all.)

I've rejoined active participation at Violet Voice. It moved from the MSN site and it's less active than I hoped. If you have an interest in growing better African Violets, check it out. Help liven things up a bit!

This old blog entry is actually full of wise advice. Most of which I neglected to follow in the end. I'm reminding myself daily the best advice I ignored of all: Grow only the number you have time to care for.
(I ordered 2 new plants and 3 leaves yesterday. 2 shelves is my limit. I swear! :)


Micki said...

The African Violets are so pretty. I wish that I could grow them in our garden...a lovely obsession!

Linda in Virginia said...

Oh my gosh -- your opening paragraph describes me so perfectly! And I had 5 plants left from my violet obsession of a few years back -- now I have 10 plants and 60 leaves! Love your flowers!

Laurie in Maine said...

Linda in Virginia: MY SOUL MATE! We seem to living in a parallel universe with our AV's ;)

60 leaves? Bad influence, maybe!!
(Your comment/email was no reply; but just in case you stop back...)