Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It was a Memorable Day

Memorial Day 2008

Tom and I went hiking & fishing along a section of the Appalachian Trail.

(I caught the 1st fish - a bragging right I enjoy and only achieve by sneaking ahead of him to a better pool!)

We joined a section of the trail by driving miles and miles of dirt roads beyond Blanchard - perhaps at the edge of the 100 mile wilderness along the Piscataguis river.

The promising sunny morning turned cloudy and it sprinkled a bit off & on. Fishing was slow and as we approached the "best pool" 2 men were already fishing there. One of them admitted to having 4 so we got back on the trail and hiked a half hour ahead of them to give them their space. And find some river not yet fished that morning. Hiking was excellent and although my feet went numb with the first river crossing...it wasn't so bad after the first dip.

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ingrid said...

Hey Laurie,
what a nice hike you have had today!
I also love hiking and knitting, both. And you have a very interesting blog. Am I allowed to put a link in
my blog to your blog?
I'm also a member of the SKL
Please answer me in my blog
from the South of Germany