Thursday, January 03, 2008

Snow Daze

We've had some snow.

And it's freakin' cold outside.

I went cross country skiing again today.

Yesterday my outside exercise consisted of raking snow off the roof AGAIN for as far as I could reach.

Another 10 inches fell and filled up all the ski tracks I made on Monday, but it was easier today blazing a trail in the tracks I could almost find from before.

Jasmine is beside herself, unable to follow through the deep snow. She usually runs circles around us, and starts barking as soon as she sees the "funny shoes" come out of the storage bin. She stood on a plowed snow bank and barked at me as I skied away. Maybe I can talk Tyler into running their snowmobile through the field to pack down a path so she can go out again. That she went back to the house when I told her she should was a shock.

I finished socks today. I made the pattern up as I went along, using the same cable design on the ankle as for the wrists of the Fetching fingerless gloves from last year. I made another pair of the fingerless gloves for Steph for Christmas. (Actually I made 3 gloves because the second one was so mismatched. Now there's an orphan left over because there's not enough left in the skein for a fourth.) I changed the bind-off around the fingers because the picot edge as written turned out too wavy.

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